Whole House Mechanical Extract Ventilation Unit (MEV)
A continuous running centralised MEV that extracts stale air from different rooms at the same time.
– The built in humidity sensor automatically boosts speed when needed.
– Low noise operation due to installation being away from internal grilles.
– Adjustable speed and humidity set point.
– EC brushless motors significantly reduce electricity consumption.
– Each UMIDEX® MEV has a 5-Year parts-only warranty.

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The UMIDEX® centralised MEV fan unit is a new product in home ventilation.
It is highly efficient and offers a revolutionary solution. By centralising the extraction point and employing a single, highly efficient fan to extract from all bathrooms, en-suites, kitchens and utility rooms, it effectively eliminates moisture, odours and pollutants from multiple areas of your home, guaranteeing optimal indoor air quality.


This system operates continuously to maintain a fresh and healthy indoor environment. When the humidity threshold is detected, the fan automatically boosts its speed, effectively reducing excess moisture and preventing condensation buildup. This intelligent feature ensures optimal air quality, minimises the risk of mould growth. With this it promotes a comfortable living space.
In addition to improving air quality, the UMIDEX® units excel in providing acoustic comfort. Designed with noise reduction in mind, it incorporates a sound-insulated casing and low-vibration motor mounts to minimise operational noise. By also locating the fan away from the user and maintaining a balanced airflow, UMIDEX® units create a quiet and comfortable indoor environment. The customisable settings allow installers to fine-tune fan speeds according to the resident’s need, further enhancing acoustic comfort.

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