Trickle Vent Description

Hate Trickle Vents?

With the effort required to make a window fully weather sealed and thermally efficient to then go and chop a large hole in the head ……CRAZY!

Surely there’s a better way?

Not just a better way, but the correct way to ventilate a home and recover heat.

Through the wall, continuous mechnical ventilation. With this solution, trickle vents are not required!

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Fluxo Operation
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Fitting Requirements

VENTI are here to help and advise if you have problems with condensation, damp or mould. We can support by offering specification, sales and delivery of our products. 

  •  100mm or 150mm hole through wall required
  • Fused Spur to power
  • Can be installed by all qualified electricians

Retrofitting Energy Efficient Measures

Studies have shown that 80% of the homes that will be in use in 2050 are already built. To hit net zero targets for 2050 there will need to be an ambitious retrofit of insulation and heating equipment. Ventilating these properties will be essential.


Join our RCS scheme (Referrer Commission Scheme). This product gives door and window manufacturers a new opportunity to add services to their offering should installation be something they offer.

However, if you do not wish to sell then we simply issue your business with a unique Referrer code. When your customers use this code to order, you receive a commission and your customer receives a discount.

Hand held demo units and wall displays are available.

Sample VENTI Unit