Social Housing

Social Housing

Social Housing

We understand the unique challenges faced by social housing providers in ensuring the health, well-being, and comfort of residents, while also managing limited budgets and energy consumption. That is why we supply a range of DMEV and D-MVHR ventilation systems that can dramatically improve the indoor air quality in your properties, with demonstrably positive impacts.  

Dampness in homes is a persistent issue that can lead to not only physical damage but also health concerns. It is especially noticeable in winter. Identifying the causes of damp is the first step toward creating a dry and healthy living environment.  

If mould is not dealt with quickly it could cause health issues for the tenants and legal issues for the landlord.

Reactive Maintenance

VENTI are here to help and advise if you have problems with condensation, damp or mould. We can support by offering specification, sales and delivery of our products. Installation will by carried out by reputable electricians.


Retrofitting Energy Efficient Measures

Studies have shown that 80% of the homes that will be in use in 2050 are already built. To hit net zero targets for 2050 there will need to be an ambitious retrofit of insulation and heating equipment. Ventilating these properties will be essential.

Replacement of old technology

If you are updating and replacing older units in a number of properties, VENTI is available to help. VENTI specialises in surveying and offering a varied solution to cure condensation and damp issues. 

We believe that providing healthy and energy-efficient homes is fundamental to creating a thriving community. We are confident that our solutions can make a significant difference in the lives of your residents, while also reducing your operational costs and contributing to environmental sustainability.