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FLUXO® Single Room MVHR Unit

This continuous, mechanical fresh air supply unit improves living conditions by supplying fresh air into habitable dwellings using correct and sustainable methods.

Like you, we breathe to live! We believe the most effective way to ventilate a room is through continuous, alternating air movement and for that we have introduced the FLUXO®.

The alternative and better option to Trickle Vents!

The additional Switch is required to control the speed and direction of the air flow. If the switch is not fitted the speed and air flow will be fixed.

How does it work?

The unit supplies fresh filtered air in from outside for 70 seconds then reverses and extracts the stale air outside.

The 70-second cycle is continuous 24/7. Over 82% of the heat is retained inside the property due to an innovative heat exchanger located inside the core.

If the switch is fitted, operation can to be set to extract only (ideal for overheated rooms).

It is an ideal solution for the removal of CO2 and any other indoor volatile pollutants as well as preventing condensation and mould problems which inevitably damage the building and occupants’ health.

Ultra quiet operation means it is perfect for installation in a single room such as a living room or bedroom. For better flow balancing, two units can be synchronised and used in parallel operation.

Fluxo Diagram

An alternative to trickle vents?

In many cases, the first action homeowners take when trickle vents are installed is to close them, blocking all ventilation which in time causes mould, damp and condensation.

Trickle vents are the cause of unwanted drafts, uninvited insects and loss of costly heat.

On average 900mm of trickle vent is required per habitable room to meet updated building regulations. This very often looks unsightly internally & externally especially when installed on a premium window.

Trickle vents mounted in the head of the window frame causes an unsightly plastering detail.

Fluxo Brochure
Size100mm, 150mm
SwitchNO Switch, Switch

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